The Federation End-User Computing Solutions

These complete mobility solutions unite employees, applications and “bring your own” devices while improving productivity, lowering risk, and offering choice at every layer of the infrastructure.

Today’s professionals are more mobile than ever and expect continuous access to business-critical data when, where, and from any device they choose.

The result? IT must support a broad array of end-user devices—from desktops to laptops, to a variety of smart phones and tablets.

And, as more and more unsecured devices enter the workplace, security risks and management challenges also multiply.

To cope, IT must strike a balance between open, accessible infrastructures that support collaborative, real-time, resource-intensive applications and maintaining a secure environment that protects the business and its digital assets. Traditional PC-centric architectures common to most enterprises are too rigid, complex, and siloed to support such demands.

The Federation End-User Computing (EUC) Solutions offer a more strategic and streamlined approach. With virtual desktops, bring-your-own-device, and end-user mobility capabilities, the Federation EUC Solutions adapt to any mobile computing challenge.

The Federation EUC Solutions deliver simplicity, efficiency, and flexibility so you can deploy and manage end-user environments quickly, securely—and with effortless provisioning and management—all at the lowest cost per desktop.

eHealth Saskatchewan on Federation End User Computing

Listen to Wilbour Craddock, VP of IT; Jay Benson, Manager of IT Architecture; & Ian Jewsbury, Manager, Data Center Operations, senior leadership from eHealth Saskatchewan, discuss the value of the Federation End-User Computing Solution to their managed services delivery.

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Best-of-Breed Solution

Engineered, Proven, and Validated in Federation Labs

Proven Solutions

Through a single platform, Federation EUC Solutions deliver virtualized or remote desktops, applications, and data access to all end users. Services can be accessed from one unified workspace across a devices, locations, media, and connections.

Federation technology combines best-in-breed storage arrays and converged infrastructure, security, and data protection, with virtualized desktop software from VMware, to deliver a proven end-user computing solution you can trust to perform in any size environment.

Since we’ve already deployed virtualized desktop environments, you can be sure of a seamless, optimal user experience. Federation EUC Solutions are sized and tested to deliver predictable levels of performance and scalability, so you can focus on your business and not worry about infrastructure. No matter how many desktops you want to deploy, we have a Federation EUC solution to suit your needs.

Rapid Deployment

Worried about how long it will take to deploy a large number of desktops? Leverage the converged infrastructure provided by the Federation for rapid deployment of your EUC solution.

Using converged infrastructure solutions eliminates guesswork and time-consuming, error-prone manual configuration—these rigorously tested and validated solutions can help you get to production sooner. By taking the proven route to virtual desktops, you’ll get your solution up and running faster, provide value to the business sooner, and maximize your ROI. Your new end-user environment will increase productivity and satisfaction and meet compliance and security guidelines, all while reducing overall cost of operations.



Successful VDI solutions—regardless of design or implementation all have one thing in common—performance. Performance issues caused by latency, increased IOPS, and mixed read/write threaten user experience and create headaches for users and IT, crippling any attempt to grow your implementation. The Federation EUC Solution with XtremIO was designed for true, functional performance.

The Federation EUC Solutions leverage industry-leading EUC technologies from VMware and VMware Virtual SAN. This powerful combination allows you to granularly scale up or scale out your storage environment, giving you the flexibility to grow without costly over-provisioning. Virtual SAN is hardware-agnostic and its simple, easy-to-use design increases operational efficiency, saving both time and money.

Don’t compromise the user experience with your virtual desktop solution. Achieve optimal end-user satisfaction and productivity at scale, for all user types, all the time. The Federation EUC solutions radically streamline operations, eliminating tuning and simplifying persistent desktop management.

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