The Federation Business Data Lake

Realize the value of analytics in as little as one week with a fully-engineered, enterprise-grade data lake built on Federation Solutions: the power of EMC II, Pivotal, VCE and VMware.

The Federation Business Data Lake is a fully-engineered, enterprise-grade data lake that makes big data initiatives radically simple.

  • Pre-configured building blocks, converged infrastructure, and an intuitive recommendation engine let you focus on new capabilities—instead of new infrastructure.
  • A flexible, self-serve, virtualized ecosystem means you can prove the value quickly, scale out rapidly, and keep things like security and governance under confident control.

With the hassles of integration eliminated, you can realize the value of analytics by this time next week.

Fully-Engineered, Enterprise Grade

Engineered, Proven, and Validated in Federation Labs

Innovate, Don’t Integrate

Federation Business Data Lake Essentials

The Federation Business Data Lake allows you to bring together all of the data you need in order to perform meaningful analytics, from an unlimited range of sources, and the choice to manage that data from within the Federation Business Data Lake or on your existing enterprise content stores.

Regardless of data type—modified, ETL (extracted, transformed, and loaded) or raw—The Federation Business Data Lake stores and consolidates everything in one environment for effective cross data analysis. With Isilon and Elastic Cloud Storage, the Federation Business Data Lake delivers massive scalability, simple management, and operational flexibility.

Additionally, the Federation Business Data Lake Analytics Toolbox is 100% virtualized with VMware, and leverages the powerful Pivotal Big Data Suite including Pivotal HD, GemFire, Greenplum DB, and HAWQ. With an extensible Toolbox, you can leverage powerful analytics such as SAS at all levels of the data to discover new, predictive patterns.

Having discovered new drivers of business performance, the next step is to deliver the right data and analytics to your various users and applications. The Federation Business Data Lake leverages Pivotal Cloud Foundry to accelerate, automate and manage application development, enabling users and apps to build data-driven applications to deliver better business outcomes.

Gathers data from unlimited sources
Automatic provisioning and pooling
Fully-virtualized, open analytics toolbox
Automated application development
Easy-to-use interface for push button instantiation

Speed, Self-Service and Scalability

Being able to demonstrate the value of big data before you scale is critical. With the Federation Business Data Lake you can start realizing value from analytics in as little as one week.

It’s no longer just about the product itself, but the data and the application of the data. Big Data solutions like the Federation Business Data Lake allow organizations to bring data, analytics and applications together to realize new business opportunities.

- Jeffrey Kelly, Principal Analyst, Big Data, Wikibon

Federation Business Data Lake Features

  • Automatic instantiation of entire environment
  • Out-of-the-box, extensible ingest
  • Built-in indexing and cataloging
  • Automatic storage provisioning
  • Policy-driven security and governance
  • Self-optimizing analytics
  • Self-serve for humans and machines
  • Open analytics platform
  • Flexible choices for Hadoop
  • Services for every stage of big data proficiency
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